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Globally Devoted was designed to help connect Gaudiya Vaishnava devotees worldwide to practical resources in devotional life. The thought to make Globally Devoted was inspired from when Ishvari and Eeshwar (that’s us) traveled cross country. We learned a lot. We met a lot of spiritually inspiring people. Globally Devoted was the site to help you connect to practical resources for daily devotional life.

What we came up with will return and be back online. We hope you will like Globally Devoted again when it returns.

Ishvari Devi Dasi, Eeshwar Das are Gauri Rasa. Globally Devoted is made by Ishvari Devi Dasi and Eeshwar Das.

Ishvari Devi Dasi
Ishvari Devi Dasi (Svetlana Villaflor) referenced useful resources on Globally Devoted. Ishvari
posted Gaudiya Vaishnava devotional content, vegetarian living, environmental awareness, do it
yourself (DIY) home solutions, natural motherhood, music, kirtan, Ayurveda, art, and anything else Ishvari found interesting. Ishvaris content will start showing up again later.

Eeshwar Das
Eeshwar Das (Erik Ward) wrote the software that Globally Devoted ran on.

Gauri Rasa
Gauri Rasa is our, Ishvari and Eeshvar’s business. We provided resources, links and information solely and wholeheartedly on a volunteer basis. That being said, we hope you will find Globally Devoted
useful when it returns. Thanks from Globally Devoted.

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Globally Devoted is available only in English. No translations are currently charted. Gauri Rasa is not available for feedback.

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